Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul - our only hope.

I disagree with Ron Paul on many issues like abortion and climate change.

Still I would vote for him If I were a US citizen.

People vote for candidates for a variety of reason, I am a consequentialist;- to me results matter. A president is not a man you have to admire. Like a plumber, a president is merely one you hire for a specific job.

There are too many sites that discuss the advantages of Ron Paul, so I will bring up only one point that I feel is missed by everyone.

Mexico will thrive if the war on drugs is ended. There is no reason why the standards of living in mexico do not rise to be the same as in the USA. The only thing holding it back is the crime and instability.

And as for the fence along the border, Mexico will have to make a fence to keep the Americans who will want to migrate there for a better life.