Thursday, May 31, 2007

My personal international portfolio

I intend to track the part of the portfolio that can track and make it public.
The purpose is to invite criticism and comments.
The dollar amounts are scaled a secret number - 10 times or more. I do not have the 1M to invest that marketocracy needs. The percentages of the holdings are approximately correct.
I have excluded my direct investments in India and Singapore that marketocracy can not track.

Here it is , click on the image for a bigger view...

You can preview the public page here.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Berkshire Hathaway a bargain at present prices ?

According to yahoo finance Berkshire trades at 1.52 times book value. This is near its historical bottom and below its average for the last 10 years. See this post on the chucks angels group for the calculations.

I own some brk-b (class B stock ) of berkshire hathaway and feel that its CEO Buffett is finally finding good opportunities to invest the tens of Billions or so in cash he had lying around into higher returning stocks. This may drive returns higher than the SNP 500 by a few points over the next decade.

Buy and hold investors, especially those who are heavily taxed should give the stocks a look. Berkshire does not pay dividends so you only pay taxes when you sell.

I also recommend the Chucks Angels group for people wishing to do more research on Berkshire Hathaway.